ISO Certification

ISO – International Standards Organization is a system model for quality assurance. Keota Products received ISO9002 certification in February of 1999. In 2000, Keota received the Supplier Quality Assurance Award from Case Corporation recognizing their excellence in many areas of customer support and service. South Bend Products received ISO9002 certification in May of 2000. They also received an Achieving Excellence Award from John Deere in November 2000. Achieving Excellence is an award based on quality, delivery, technical support, wavelength, and cost management.

Why was this program initiated? KRA International realized a long time ago, that just selling a product is not enough. Manufacturing must be top notch and providing quality service to our customers must be our first priority. We knew that the first sale was important, but repeat sales were even more so. That meant our product had to be the best and our procedures to make them, even better. KRA International instilled a high discipline within our organization which in turn required us to have written procedures for all job functions that might have an impact on quality.

To maintain our ISO status, KRA International continuously performs internal audits to verify we are following our documented procedures and be sure we are also prepared for semi-annual audits performed by our ISO Registrar. This certification is important to our customers because it assures them they are working with a company that puts quality first.

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